Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Axis Breakout Board, SainSmart ST-V6

This breakout board seems to be sold under several name, SainSmart being one of them. As with all the SainSmart boards there is no schematic and also in this case no manual. The board does appear to be well made.
Breakout Top View

Breakout Bottom View
 The board has been traced and a schematic is shown below. Also a pinout for the DB25 is shown.

Pinout for SainSmart 5 Axis Breakout

Pin Signal Name
1 Enable
2 X-Step
3 X-Direction
4 Y-Step
5 Y-Direction
6 Z-Step
7 Z-Direction
8 A-Step
9 A-Direction
10 IN1
11 IN2
12 IN3
13 IN4
14 Spindle Relay
15 IN5
16 B-Step
17 B-Direction
18-25 Grd

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  1. can you please email me the schematic for the st-v6 controller?