Monday, June 17, 2013

Overview of CNC Router Project

Project purpose: To build an inexpensive CNC router for the Making Awesome makerspace for teaching and general use.

The Mechanism: The mechanism was to use the ShapeOko basic design, but to be built with on hand and donated parts where possible.

The Electronics: Because this is a teaching machine we set the following criteria.

1) The electronic should be inexpensive and serviceable.

2) The initial system will use LinuxCNC software and, therefore, require a parallel port desktop.

3) A later system will use an Arduino with GRBL and require some PCB development. See post.

Selected Electronic Hardware:

1) SainSmart 5 Axis breakout board ST-V6 at $23.

2) SainSmart TB6560 driver board ST330 V2. Only one was purchase at $18. See blog post.

3) Haoyu TB6600 driver. Two purchased at $20ea

4) Power supply: 24VDC at 6.5A

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