Monday, June 17, 2013

SainSmart ST330 V2 TB6560 Stepper Driver

This SainSmart stepper driver uses the TB6560 driver chip good to 3.5A and 34VDC. As with many SainSmart boards there is no schematic but there is a chinglish manual. This driver is available from Amazon with fast deliver for $18 ea.

Top of ST330

Bottom of ST330

The first order of business was to create a schematic which, as expected, reveled an interesting feature which is not mentioned in the manual.

Schematic for ST330. Done with TinyCad
The step signal sets the74HC123 retriggerable one shot. The one shot stays in its set mode as long as there are step pulses. One output of the one shot lights the run led and the other controls the motor run and idle torque. If the torque switches are left open then at run the torque is at 100% and at idle is 50%.


  1. Hi,
    can you tell me how you have set the Switches? And which Type of Motors are connected. I try to use this board, but i have now the third dead Chip :(

    Greetings from Germany

    1. With these chips 5V must be up before motor power, On this board they come up together. Statistically there is always a change it will burn out. Try a board with the new version TB6600 which has been designed to avoid that problem

  2. Hello. Do you by any chance have an electronic version (TinyCAD) version of the schematic diagram?

  3. Great job for the reverse-engineering. I have tested this board ST330 v3 and runs ok with an extra capacitor of 2200uF on the 24v input. I did not trust the small one on the board. I have used all settings posible for testing.(24v 2.5A for motors). No dead chip for me. BTW the PSU must be a good one.